A Kingdom Culture

A Kingdom Culture, the teaching series at TCC in January and February, explores the biblical theme of the kingdom of God and how the King, Jesus, came into this world, not to make people nice but to radically change them so that their values reflect those of kingdom citizens. This series challenges Christians to move beyond a cozy church culture to the culture of the kingdom where they live out their lives in close proximity to those who are not yet kingdom citizens, demonstrating its power and glory. The underlying goal of this series is to help disciples understand the radical nature of being salt and light in a dark and sinful world.

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A Church Without Jesus (Prelude to A Kingdom Culture)

In the book of Revelation, you know that in the first part of that letter Jesus moves among his churches and tells them what he Sees. The thing that each church is measured by is, “How much of an affect they are having on the culture?” It seems as the Lord moves among his churches that either the church is being affected by the culture or else is affecting the culture. The scariest thing is that each church might think they are doing fine, but then learn that that is not the Lord’s verdict.