New To Church

New To Church

God created church to be a beautiful and inviting place; a home where His people can belong, grow together as a family of believers, a place where all are welcomed, valued and encouraged.

If you have never attended church or haven’t attended in a long time, you might feel uneasy about coming. Perhaps images of stuffy, impersonal and boring services come to mind. You will find that is not true with TCC. There is nothing expected of you and nothing you need to bring …just come join us and connect to God’s family.

What to Expect

Those attending our North Campus service are met at the door by friendly greeters. You can stop by our coffee bar and enjoy a fresh cup of Starbucks and a donut before service begins. If you have children, visit the Welcome Center to learn about our Children’s Ministry.

What to Wear

Dress casually for your comfort; dress modestly for the comfort of others.

Sunday Gathering

Our Sunday Gathering begins at 10:30. It includes singing and Bible teaching. Our singing is an act of worship; it is a special time to engage God, to learn about Him and to allow the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Feel free to sit, kneel, stand, raise hands, clap or dance. We dedicate approximately 30 minutes time for praise and worship which includes contemporary choruses along with classic hymns. Worship is followed by a relevant, gospel based sermon. We preach Jesus, and often go through books of the Bible, verse by verse, to understand what the Bible teaches and how it relates to Jesus. All of our sermons are online and free so you can get an idea of what you will hear. A new series begins with the New Year and is called: “A Kingdom Culture”.

For Your Children

Your children, from birth to 10 years, are invited to participate in our fun (and safe) Children’s Ministry during each service. Our Welcome Center Volunteers or Greeters will show you where to take your children.


We’ve reserved the best parking places just for you. Look for Visitor Parking Signs near the canopy of the main entrance. Like all good things, they go quickly, so you will want to come early to take advantage of special parking.

Coffee Bar

Immediately following the service, we invite you to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee and donuts as you connect with Trinity leaders. Our leaders enjoy sharing Trinity’s vision, and hearing your heart about what you seek in a community of believers.

Our doors and hearts are open. Just as the Godhead desired to add sons and daughters to their family, it is our greatest pleasure to welcome and add new family to ours. We hope to meet you soon!