Protecting Human Life Team

The Protecting Human Life Team will now meet the first Sunday of the month BEFORE church at 8:45 a.m. in the room behind the Praisin’ Station…Anyone who has an interest in any issue protecting Human life. (i.e. Human Trafficking, Abortion, Suicide, etc.) is welcome to attend our meetings. Please contact Julianne Durfee 865.227.8929 for more information.

1.  At this time, we do not have any events for April.  However, we are working on our calendar, and I will let you know about upcoming events as we plan them.
2.  We are planning to walk in the Walk for Freedom on Saturday, 10/20/18.  Below is a link to the event and the organization that sponsors it, A21,
1.  For more information about anti-human trafficking efforts in TN, the US and around the world, please check out these websites of these faith-based organizations.
     a.  In, TN: Street Hope TN   

     b.  In the US and the world: Exodus Cry   

2.  For more information about dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and healing from an abortion, please check out these websites.
     a.  For info on  FREE 3 day retreats for women AND men to help heal after an abortion, please see the website for Deeper Still, a faith-based organization.
     b.  For info on preventing abortion (assisting with an unexpected pregnancy), please see Hope Resource Center.




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