Masterbuilders Leaders Retreat

Pastors, elders, and future leaders are invited to attend the upcoming MB Pastors’ Retreat for 2014. The dates are set for Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 to Thursday, March 20th in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference will begin with an evening meeting (7pm) on the 18th and conclude in the afternoon of the 20th.

This year’s conference theme is entitled, “The Leader’s Priorities” and will be loosely based on Acts 6. In that chapter, the apostles wisely chose the highest priorities of their calling when it would have been easy to succumb to cultural expedience and pressure. In a day when it is easy to pursue many different avenues, we desperately need to commit ourselves as leaders to the highest priorities of our calling such as prayer, study of the Word of God, commitment to the Gospel and evangelism, etc.

Please mark these dates in your calendar and make every effort to attend this MB Pastors’ Retreat. Let me also remind you that this retreat is not just for senior pastors but for leaders in your church as well. I want to strongly encourage you to bring younger leaders to the conference as it is an excellent time for them to be exposed to other leaders from the various churches.

I hope you will consider it a priority to attend next years retreat, especially in the light of this vital theme. When we discussed this theme in a recent Tennessee Regional meeting it provided a great opportunity for very challenging discussion and encouragement. I believe it will do so for those leaders who attend this national conference next year as well.