Living the Vision

Our Values

Our values bring vision to reality because they speak of the ways we invest our lives. At TCC, we build community, make disciples and fulfill His mission.

Belong (Build Community)

The Gospel provides the basis for how we build community. Living life together is a fundamental part of church life where believers form deep relationships with other believers. In community, we belong to each other and see our lives in relationship to others. By belong, we mean living out our Christian experience with others whom we are vitally joined in relationships characterized by honesty, transparency and accountability.

Grow (Make Disciples)

Leaders serve God’s people by equipping them to become all that God has called them to be (See Ephesians 4:11-12). Equipping is the essence of a leader’s function in how they invest their lives to establish new disciples who will carry the Gospel. TCC has a long heritage of making disciples through Bible teaching, training and mentoring; it is a place where you will grow in Christ.

Serve (Fulfill His Mission)

The Mission of every believer is to share the Gospel it is therefore not reserved for ministers, but a privileged responsibility we all share. Each of us is called to have influence beyond the church by sharing the Gospel with friends, family, work associates and neighbors.

TCC also invests in strategic events aimed at reaching those who have not yet heard the gospel. There are many opportunities throughout the year to serve His mission through House Churches and Ministries to awaken hearts to the gospel.