About Us

Trinity Community Church (TCC) is a grace-based community of dedicated followers of Jesus who share the mission of gathering those called into His kingdom. In our nearly 40 years of serving the Gospel, we have seen many saved by Jesus; and others reconnect with Christ and His church. We have helped care for the poor, pioneer new ministries, train leaders, equip missionaries and seen many doors opened to share the gospel.

What Is The Church?

The church is not a place, name, building, or program…it is people called together to advance his kingdom. Throughout our history, we have changed locations many times in order to reach God’s people. We sense we are now, at yet, another pivotal juncture. Rather than build a larger facility, we believe God is calling us to go to the people; we desire to take the gospel to communities by opening new sites in specific neighborhoods. We believe this is God’s wisdom for this time and what He is speaking to us in order to reach more people with the Gospel. We are therefore currently moving toward becoming one church with multiple locations.

Our sites will share staff, resources, teaching and ministries. While each site will develop a unique personality with time, each site will be directed by Trinity Community Church’s vision, values, and leadership.

Three Ways We Come Together

We believe spiritual growth occurs each time we come together.

House Churches (meeting weekly or every other week) – Our House Churches are small groups that meet in homes throughout the region on various nights of the week.  Here you will experience an informal warm atmosphere with real people you can get to know on a more personal basis.  You can wear casual clothes and there is no need for you to bring anything, although you may enjoy some light refreshments with the group. The meetings are usually less than an hour long, although people tend to stay and visit with one another longer.   At House Church we discuss the current sermon series and talk with and pray for one another’s needs.  You are not expected to do or say anything unless you desire.  It is a great way to connect.

Community Churches (meeting weekly on Sunday mornings throughout the region) – Our Sunday morning gatherings are opportunities for worshiping together and hearing the Word of God taught from seasoned ministers.  Again, the dress is casual and the atmosphere is inviting.  Our song service is a chance to engage God, to learn about him and to allow the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  God has blessed our church with many talented musicians who love Jesus and serve our church by using their gifts to lead us with fresh worship songs.  The teaching is Bible-based, gospel-centered and relevant.  We preach Jesus, and we often go through books of the Bible, verse by verse, so you can see what the Bible teaches and how it relates to Jesus.  It is because of Jesus that we can live better, have better marriages and relationships and be more pleasing to God.  All of our sermons are online and free so you can get an idea of what you will hear.

City Church – Since we are one church, meeting in multiple locations throughout the region, we periodically bring all of the Community Churches together for a larger meeting to celebrate God together.   These meetings will be much like the Sunday Community Church meetings, just on a larger scale.  It is a chance for us to corporately experience Jesus together.