My Thoughts on Leaving our Facility and What Lies Ahead

My Thoughts on Leaving our Facility and What Lies Ahead

As I approach my forty third spiritual birthday in a couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on how much change I have experienced over the years. Some were massive while others were not earth shattering. Some were totally unexpected, while others I could clearly see coming. One thing has been consistently true: following Jesus has meant living constantly with the joy and pain of change.

We are now facing another massive change for Trinity. We have undergone several over our many year history but this one is big. Moving out of a facility we have loved is not an easy task. I know that many of us (myself included) are going through a full range of emotions at this time. While we know that being relieved of massive debt is a good thing (‘the borrower is slave to the lender’), it still does not safeguard us from feeling a deep sense of loss. That’s because we have loved this facility and it has been home for us for thirteen years. Our hearts and minds are filled with great memories of the thousands of services we have held in the building and the many ways that God moved to change lives. Perhaps some of us were actually converted in the building or were deeply convicted by God and rededicated our lives. Others were baptized in the building or came into a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit. Most of all, we were connected to many other people and, while those relationships extend outside the building, this facility provided a point of contact which allowed those relationships to be fostered.

My mind reflects this morning on the countless number of you who have been so faithful in tithes and offerings so that we were able to remain here. You have sacrificed much in your giving to allow us to have a home. Even though we are now moving out of this facility, I want to remind you that your giving was to the Lord and from Him you shall receive a reward! It is the Lord Christ you serve. So though we are not keeping this facility, every dollar given in faith has not been forgotten. And I want to humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to the Gospel evidenced by your faithful giving. And because of your faithfulness, we leave this place with a great testimony—we were behind in no payment and all of our bills are currently paid. Thanks for living out the Gospel you profess. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

For those who have not really known (or perhaps have forgotten), beginning in November we have been relieved of $2,375,000.00 by entering this agreement with Faith Promise. The present utility bill for our current facility will almost pay for the leases on both our sites. More importantly, it frees up needed funds to fulfill our ministry which is to be a missional church and to build other sites. It has been our desire all along to lower our overhead so the majority of our monies can support the work of God and not go to buildings and maintenance (which it has until now). This move will allow us to do that.

And there are some other exciting things Father has provided for this next phase. First of all, he has provided us a permanent place for our North Site. We will still be meeting at Jubilee Banquet Center for three months while we update our new site. But in this site we will be able to have our Sunday Morning Church meeting, offices, storage, and all of other smaller meetings as well. It is a great blessing and will provide us with a sense of permanence. Also, we get this site immediately and they have agreed to give us free rent till January which will allow us to renovate this facility while we are meeting at Jubilee. We will be renting Jubilee through January and then move into our permanent site. And we will be leasing this site at an incredible price! Plus, Jubilee originally wanted a lease of a year but agreed to giving us a three month lease instead and then month to month as we need it. Hallelujah! Don’t forget to come to our last service in the North Site this Sunday, October 26th where we will be sharing more about our new site.

We anticipate that it will cost us approximately $30,000 to update our permanent site. We will not go in debt for this, but will do the work as the Lord provides the money. Structurally the building is sound and most of the changes are cosmetic. We are beginning to do this work this week.

One of the most important needs we have in this season is for everyone to continue faithfully giving as you have done so in the past. We want to have enough income, not only to provide for the work, but for replenishing our savings and to have sufficient funds for outreach as well. Please remember to be faithful in your support of the work. Even though we do not have this debt load anymore, we need, more than ever, to have an abundant supply to do all that we know God has called us to do.

Finally TCC, on behalf of a grateful elder team, we want to say a hearty, “Well done.” A little over a year ago we presented a new vision and now it is becoming a reality. But this could never have had happened without your love and commitment and the faith to carry it out. In our elders meetings we often give thanks for you for all the joy that we have in shepherding this flock. We consider it a privilege. We are very aware that these changes have been difficult but we all share an expectation that the future is great and that we are coming into our destiny. Each one of you is vitally important in seeing that happen. So let us together put our hand to the plow and with one heart and mind, glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ by remaining in unity and working together for the harvest.

Together for the Gospel,

Neil Silverberg


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