A Praying Community

A Praying Community

One thing we can easily overlook as we read Luke’s description of the Early Church in Acts chapter 2 is how vital prayer was to that community as well as the success of the Gospel. Luke paints a picture of a close-knit community who shared what they had together and regularly ate meals together. But the success of the Gospel depended on more than the fact that they loved one another and were intimate. They were also a ‘praying’ community that met regularly for prayer that the Gospel would spread rapidly (Acts 2:42, 4: 24, 12:12).

At the start of this new venture at Trinity Community Church, it is more important than ever that we be a praying community. Someone once said that “Prayer isn’t necessary for the work—prayer is the work!” God is sovereign and can certainly move without our prayer. But our responsibility is to pray and we must be faithful to it. We can’t presume upon God that He will do what we want if we are not regularly bringing our requests to the Lord. So let us commit ourselves to a new season of prayer, in our personal devotions, in our house churches and in our corporate meetings.

To facilitate this a house church leader recently suggested we keep the Wednesday prayer meeting going that we began last month. The elders discussed it and heartily agree. We are going to begin with one prayer meeting each month. So please make a note of this. On the second Wednesday of every month from we will have our prayer meeting in the sanctuary of Trinity Community Church North. If you are a house church leader, our TCC House Church Leaders’ Meeting will immediately follow the prayer meeting from 8-9 in the classroom upstairs.

Not only is praying together important, it also provides an excellent opportunity to come together with people from both Trinity Community Sites that we do not see each week. So please mark your calendars and commit to this important time of praying together as a community each second Wednesday of the month. Join us, next Wednesday, April 9 at 7:00 PM at Trinity Community Church North.


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