Posts from April 2014

Posts from April 2014

The Way We Grow

If I were to ask you what is the best way to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, what would you say? Spending time in the Word?  Prayer?  Worship? Of course, all of these things are crucial to maturing as a Christ follower, and they should not be neglected.  But there is one element of the Christian life that often gets overlooked. In Colossians 2:19 Paul urges the church at Colossae to be careful to hold on tight to…
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A Very Important Word from Pastor Neil

It is with great joy in our hearts, we announce the opening of a new location for Trinity Community Church that will serve those residing in West Knoxville. Trinity Community Church (TCC) will now meet in two locations. TCC will continue to meet in the established North Site at 5830 Haynes-Sterchi Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 37912. In addition, a new West Site opened on April 6 at the Embassy Suites West at 9621 Parkside, Knoxville, Tennessee 37922. Each location offers both…
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A Praying Community

One thing we can easily overlook as we read Luke’s description of the Early Church in Acts chapter 2 is how vital prayer was to that community as well as the success of the Gospel. Luke paints a picture of a close-knit community who shared what they had together and regularly ate meals together. But the success of the Gospel depended on more than the fact that they loved one another and were intimate. They were also a ‘praying’ community…