Trinity Talk

Acts 8 | When The Gospel Goes, The Spirit Flows

“I don’t understand why I don’t see the miracles here that people see in other places.” My friend sat across the lunch table visibly frustrated. I’ve heard people say this type of thing before. The lament is that we hear of such great miracles in other countries, such as Africa or Latin America. So why do we not see many of these kinds of miracles here in the United States? I understand the frustration. But there seemed to be something…

Acts 7 | You Stiff-Necked People

Stephen presents a short synopsis of God’s interaction with Israel, and Israel’s response to God. Oh, how we wish it was one of God offering nothing but goodness and Israel responding in love and obedience. God certainly offered goodness and rescue at every turn to Israel, but Israel would not respond in love and obedience.  Stephen points out that the history of scripture is that of God promising goodness to his people and fulfilling those promises while Israel seems determined…

Acts 6 | A Subtle Attack

The early chapters of Acts record the first advances of the Gospel after our Lord died, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and poured out his Spirit on the Church. It is a rather idyllic account of the powerful workings of the Spirit of God through the ministry of the apostles. One can easily assume that such movements of the Spirit will continue unimpeded as the Church continues its forward progress. But such a romantic view of these early…

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